Send and receive international payments, with no hidden fees. Multi-currency accounts allow you to hold, exchange, send and receive funds in 28+ currencies – always at the real exchange rate. Free international and local payments within your plan allowance, and free transfers between Revolut Business accounts. Stay organized with multiple accounts for your business needs. Spend in over 150 currencies at the real exchange rate. Stay in control – issue physical and virtual cards, track spending in real-time for your entire team. Automate your expenses and capture receipts in the app instantly.

Xapo is your safest way to send, receive, store and spend bitcoins and traditional currencies globally. Xapo has a global, remote workforce in over thirty countries. We hire the best – and in exchange we offer Retail foreign exchange trading autonomy, flexibility, meaningful work, a collaborative team environment, and top tier compensation, regardless of your location. or the U.S., send and receive money instantly anywhere in the world.

Due to the recent press attention is doubtful that you haven’t heard of this popular cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, that works without a central bank or single administrator. It was originally created by a person or group of people in 2009 and released under the name Satoshi Nakamato. Focus on building your product – integrate cryptocurrency payments just by few lines of code. Upgrade your payment gateway, solution or POS with a crypto payment option. We are global facilitators of seamless and secure crypto payments. A complete overview of all digital payments made through your business.

And the remainder of the supporting documents are examined. Wyre provides a wide variety of world-class payment APIs to power your fintech application.

White Label Payment Gateway

Simply verify your telephone number, enter your name and, if you like, upload a photo of yourself. This Foreign exchange reserves will make it easier for your contacts to recognise you and see who the payment is coming from.

cryptocurrency payment gateway

Most suitable all-in-one solution for brokers and exchanges requiring cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals with no limitations. Add the GoCrypto payment method into your payment gateway, payment solutions and software or hardware terminals. Add support for crypto payments to your existing hardware or software.

Mycelium Gear payment page allows you to set up integration with existing shopping cart e-commerce solutions or your custom software just like classic fiat payment solutions. REST-based API will help you to create a decent solution which suits best for your customers. Powercash21 offers extensive payment and risk management services to cryptocurrency merchants to handle their online payments smoothly. PaymentX enables you to pay employees around the world quickly and conveniently using crypto. Work with invoices raised in dollars or other fiat currencies, but settled in cryptocurrencies or your own tokens – instantly and with minimal fees. Ensure robust security for every transaction, for you and your employees. Create recurring invoices for your regular customers and white-list crypto addresses for secure payments.

The Timetable For Bitcoin Merchant Accounts

Allows businesses to provide their customers with flexible multiple cryptocurrency payment options that they can choose from. The list of companies who accept and offer Bitcoin payment processing grows by the week. It is further evidence that the virtual currency is here to stay. There are a number of small businesses worldwide that accept cryptocurrency payment gateway bitcoin, but major companies are following. Utah-based became the first major U.S. retailer to recognize it and others have followed, including Virgin Galactic, Tiger Direct, and the NBA’s Sacramento Kings to name several. Though volatility is an issue, the value of bitcoin skyrocketed to more than $2,730 as of Q3 of 2017.

  • Enable your mobile app users to pay at any GoCrypto location.
  • Wyre provides competitive pricing and execution.
  • This, combined with the SSL encryption technology, provide both the website owner, and the customer, a secure shopping and payment experience.
  • A payment service, like BitPay, charges a flat 1% settlement fee to the merchant, compared to 2% to 3% charged by the fiat currency credit card processing service.
  • If you have been thinking about adding Bitcoin to WordPress, there is a great plugin that will help you get this done easily.
  • Move digital money leveraging traditional payment rails or do business in a more global, scalable, and efficient way through blockchain infrastructure.

This registration process will give you the information you need to enter keys into all the different types of cryptocurrency you want to allow for payment on your website. Scalability is being actively worked on across all blockchain projects, supporting transaction volumes at the level of traditional payment rails is still a long way off.


Tutorial – how to start bitcoin e-shop in 10min.PHP/Wordpress instruction on bitcointalk.Org. White Label – logo/payments through your server. Pay-Per-Product – sell your products for bitcoin. Pay-Per-Download – make money on file downloads. Durango Merchant Services is a world-leading consulting group dedicated to helping your business get set up to take credit cards and process cryptocurrency! Even if you’ve been declined somewhere else, DMS will help you get approved for an account.

Wallets can be stored on your desktop, on hardware, on your mobile or on the web. And for each platform there are numerous wallet options, so do your research before making a decision on which one is best for you.

cryptocurrency payment gateway

Manage affiliates, monitor traffic and conversions, and pay commissions directly from your PayBilla dashboard. We are obsessed with Customer Experience so we fully customize the checkout experience so it accurately represents your Brand. Your clients will have the same brand experience during the checkout as they do while shopping on your website. We make sure the users are getting clear, accurate, tax localized invoices for their purchases every single time. We cut through the fog by simplifying parent-child relationships and payment responsibilities. PayBito offers a robust and scalable White Label Payment Gateway to businesses aiding them in facilitating fast and seamless processing of cryptocurrencies globally.

Payment Systems

To develop high-quality extensions, we had to sidestep each of these and other issues. We needed to ensure that the whole process, from the initialization to the successful payment notifications, was reliable, secure and comfortable for both parties – the merchant and the customer. Registration and confirmation of crypto payments is not instant, unlike standard card payments. The development of payment gateways to process cryptocurrencies is always accompanied by several major issues which are not faced in standard payment methods. An API for custom integrations, cart plugins and more, the merchant billing system is a unique service to most businesses.

cryptocurrency payment gateway

Wirex lets you transfer digital and traditional currencies around the globe. Effortlessly send and receive payments for free, anywhere in the world. Exchange digital and traditional currencies in-app or online, instantly – and because we`re the only company that offers OTC rates, you always get forex analytics the best deal. With the NOWPayments Crypto Payment Gateway for WooCommerce you can easily accept more than 50+ cryptocurrencies through your WooCommerce store. The plugin offers a quick and simple integration with your NOWPayments account – just install, connect and start accepting payments.

W3villa Ensures You Get The Best Crypto Payment Gateway For Your Business

Take advantage of bitcoin’s newest payment protocol and experience instant settlements and low fees. Never deal with chargebacks or holds again as every payment settles instantly. Internet access is all you need to start accepting bitcoin anywhere. Monetize any digital interaction using microtransactions and charge as little as 1 satoshi.

With COINQVEST, online businesses can denominate and settle sales in a national currency (e.g. EUR, USD or NGN) regardless of whether their customers pay in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Stellar Lumens. COINQVEST integrates with the most popular e-commerce extensions and plugins, such as WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. Use our simple yet powerful API, plug-ins, or extensions to add a bitcoin gateway to your business today. Discover new ways to monetize and scale your business globally.